Safety Policy

The personal safety and health of each employee of our organization is of primary importance. It is the policy of Moro Corporation that accident prevention shall be considered of primary importance in all phases of operation and administration. It is the intention of Moro Corporation management to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to establish and insist upon safe practices at all times by all employees. The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given precedence over operating productivity whenever necessary.

It is our policy that every effort will be used to protect our employees from accidents, injuries and/or occupational disease while on the job. We expect all employees to accept the concern and the responsibility for accident prevention.

Communication and Training are Key

Communication and good sense among employees and managers in the daily practice of our safety initiatives will help ensure safe-working conditions. Remember, when an employee has an accident everyone is hurt. Safety is everyone’s primary concern. We believe that the continual education, training and awareness of our employees in safe work practices are a key aspect of being a good employer.

Our businesses provide safety equipment and information on safe work practices to all employees. We expect our employees to use both that safety equipment and that knowledge of risk and risk prevention in all their work. We provide continuous training, whether in the shop or on the jobsite.

An Attitude of Safety Awareness

The prevention of accidents and injury requires a respectful attitude toward the impact injury and illness has on you, your co-workers and your employer. Moro Corporation requires operating company managers and supervisors, and employees to be mindful of this and to work together for each other’s safety and health. Perhaps most importantly it requires a diligent awareness of potential work hazards. It requires a willingness to prevent the risk of injury and at times to sacrifice productivity in favor of working safely to avoid the harm of work hazards. Finally, it demands an attitude of mutual respect and cooperation between employees, co-workers and managers to work together to keep each other safe and injury free.

Corporate Safety Director

Moro Corporation supports our operating businesses in establishing and maintaining safe work environments and striving to be an injury free work place. Each of our operating locations has a designated Safety Coordinator. At Moro Corporation we go one step further and have a Corporate Safety Director, an individual experienced and competent in construction safety and risk management who is responsible for ensuring our employees have the correct knowledge and tools to work safely.

The Corporate Safety Director works to implement and enhance the safety programs at each location and jobsite and to provide that all work activities are accomplished with the most current occupational safety and health practices. Through safety meetings, job-site inspections, and employee evaluation and training, this person seeks to keep the working environments for our employees safe and risk free.

How Moro’s Corporate Safety Director Can Help

The Safety Director supports all our employees and managers with the primary responsibility of acting as an advocate and resource to project managers, supervisors and tradesmen in maintaining best practices for work operations and to maintain high levels of both productivity and safety performance at each location.

Moro’s Corporate Safety Director is always available to managers, supervisors and employees to: (1) Thoroughly assess work site hazards; (2) Control work site hazards through the use of safety equipment systems and accident prevention measures; (3) Assure that all machinery, equipment and facilities meet recognized safety standards; and to (4) Supply and train our employees in the utilization of safe work methods.

Safety is Job One

Moro Corporation regards Safety as Job One. Our emphasis is on common sense. We are committed to the administration of safe practices as outlined in our businesses safety manuals. Our goal is to be injury free and to operate in full compliance with both OSHA and related trade-specific standards. The employees of Moro Corporation are our number one asset – that is why we regard their safety as Job One.