greta kessler


Throughout her career, Ms. Kessler has been an advocate and creator of programs bringing quality management standards and process improvement to the workplace, including on a team that successfully brought ISO 9000 and Agile software development standards to a healthcare IT organization with 5,000 employees.  Although Ms. Kessler has worked across various industries, during the last 22 years she has applied her quality and performance improvement expertise primarily in the healthcare field, creating and delivering decision support, quality metrics, measurement and improvement processes through information technology.

Since 2009, Ms. Kessler has provided services through Greta Kessler Consulting, of which she is founder and President. These services have included exclusive consulting work for CECity, Inc., which was acquired by Premier, Inc. in 2015. Starting in 2021, Ms. Kessler’s services have been provided as a direct employee of Premier, Inc. Ms. Kessler’s prior experience includes serving as a Product Manager for the American Board of Internal Medicine (2006-2009) and programmer for Shared Medical Systems Corporation (1998-2005), which was acquired by Siemens AG in 2000.

Ms. Kessler has a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and an IT Programming Certificate from the Chubb Institute.